by Phane

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Golden Calf 02:55
Worship your false idols, look how they stand. Gold wrapped to their fingers, Come take command. You're worshipping. A golden calf. See them as deities can't see the lies. Now that they have crumbled step back and rise. Blatant hypocrisy reducing all to none. You'll never find him and I'm not your son.
Flames so hot it scorches the ground. Don't hide behind your shields. Can't be saved. Not even underground. Hoarding your treasures, don't you feel so proud. There's no glory here. Breath like death to your crown. Kill with sharpened steel.
No Mercy 02:08
Unclean spirits an enemy of the faith. Twisted broken creatures breaking down these hellish gates. Sadistic torture. Puts holes in flesh. Kneel before your scorger. It pains me. Burning, blinding fire feulled by searing rage. World is turning over, no stopping this rampage. Mind frozen in horor, body stunned in fear. Bones and torn flesh is all that's left here.
Exiled Life 02:16
Wasted world, exiled life. Now it's all a blackened void, a wasted world exiled life.
Soothsayer 01:07
Profit, full of tainted lies. You've haunted, an evil in disguise. Soothsayer, soothsayer you're no god. Deceiver, twisted rotten mind. Clairvoyant, a filth of mankind. Blinded, a jinx in disguise. Life's thwarted, you can't change more minds.
Coward under your protective veil. Deciding your own fate is how we'll prevail. Addiction, Oppression, Destruction. Religious Deception. A disguised prophet yet to reveal. With cloak and dagger, innocence you steal. Behind the guise of protected fear. Hurting more when you pretend to heal.
Final Act 02:10
Old brittle bones, bound tight with steel. Cold dampened stones, fate all but sealed. Dragged to the stocks, watch the heads roll. Reaper he stalks. Thrown on your knees, no angels cry. Scream helpless pleas, your end is nigh. Mouths open wide, the blood has been spilled. My corpse is the offering, the ritual’s fulfilled.
Break out , wipe out, no escape from. Cry out, fallout, this doomed world. Falling and crawling it's real. Suffering and bustling it's just to kill. Resist don't bow down to no lords. Look out, it's not safe at dawn. Rebel, rise up, against kings. Flashout, fallout, watch it burn. Loosen, the grip of corruption. The final, stand off together.
Trying to process the thoughts in your mind. Bleeding and dying the last of your kind. The whole world is over. It's easy to see. No one is sober. Oh what a fucking mess. In a world of redundancy it's so hard to see. If there's still any hope for humanity. A slave to the torture no absence of pain. The mistakes of the righteous come around again.
Blind 01:36
Destroying your insides. Decaying your mind. No chance for turning back. Don't be so blind, don't be so blind. Denying, relying, Ahhh. Cling to your vices. Repeat your mistakes. The loss of all control. You've buried your stake.
No escape from the hatred, it starts to flow. Death glares and glances, we reap what we sow. Trapped by intolerance. It burns down the world. Why do we, Embrace the lie? Haunted by their hatred, are friends not foe? Incensed by the idiocy, they really must go. With hate in their heartless, senseless minds. Revoked is their rights, a process in time.
Awaken the source, rule by the hand. Dark days are still ahead, the carnal sins of man. A structure so bleak and natures decay. The cold grip of winter, will torment the mind. The dusk bursts asunder, in here still stands time. Insane mass confusion, in spirit revolt. Intense mind pollution, it’s taken its toll. No boundaries of outbreak, the curse of free will. The outcome is still the same now swallow your pill.
Little demon in your head. Has a lust that must be fed. Can't see reason won't see rhyme. Ripping out the people's spine. Kill the black snake. It won't last. Twisted matter. In death’s grasp. The end of morality within reach. You cling to life in fear beseech. Drowning eyes they fill with dread. One things for sure you'll end up dead. Staring victims in the eyes. Follow through with no disguise. Lust for your terror fills the brain. You and I can’t feel this pain.
Power Games 02:38
The wars of the future are wars of trade. From safety they watch the masquerade. Fight to live, no animosity. No regard, for humanity. Pay the price, for their power games. In the end, we suffer for their gains. Morality is lost when survival is the cost. Uprooted from our homes in urgency. Witness the end of society. Killing and maiming for supplies. While the wealthy wait out the poor’s demise.


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Released on 12" by Phobia Records (Jan 4th 2021)
400 black + 100 white records


released January 4, 2021


all rights reserved



Phane Vancouver, British Columbia

Charged Hardcore Punk

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